We’ll co-design your marketing together.

Let’s transform your overwhelm into actionable, vibrant marketing that you’re proud of!

Your business wing-woman.

Running a business is stressful enough, without worrying about accurately representing yourself and your business online. You know that you need marketing. Trouble is, you overthink it, avoid it, and get overwhelmed by it. Let me be your wing-woman, “clairifying” your ideas into actionable, doable, vibrant marketing that pulls in your ideal clients.

Two ways to get started with me:

Claire with a client

The Lightbulb

*Best for inspiration*

You’ve got a brilliant idea (or 10) to pull people in, but every time you sit down to get started, you overthink it, fall into comparisonitis, or get lost in all the details. Or maybe your mojo is missing in action, and you’re going through the motions in business, but totally lacking clarity and that oh-so-satisfying excitement that led you to starting your own business in the first place. Enter: the Lightbulb.

Price: $500

The Amplifier

*Best for growing businesses*

You’re way too busy way too often! You need help (like, yesterday) to get sh!t done. You want help to simplify and streamline your marketing and business, and want to a Clairifying injection of creativity, strategy, and fun to take a great leap forward, quickly. If you’re ready to make decisions and bring in a wing-woman who can hold your big vision – and make it happen – you need the Amplifier.

Price: $1700

Claire Chow writing at a desk

And then some ongoing ‘clairification’

Burnout to brilliant book

The Clairifier

*Best for thriving businesses*

You’ve found your groove, your people, and your mastery. You love what you do, but you simply CAN’T do it all. In fact, part of the reason why you’re so good is that you know this, and happily outsource the pieces that take up too much time and energy, leaving you to focus on what you do best. The Clairifier is me as your very own small business wing-woman, keeping you accountable every single month. The Clairifier is a minimum six month engagement and is only available for prior clients of the Lightbulb and the Amplifier. We’ll have monthly sanity-checks and you’ll be able to outsource marketing projects to me along the way.

Monthly: Dependent on your needs

You know we’re made for each other if you:

  • Want your socials + marketing to leave your dream clients thinking, “I have to work with them – they’re the real deal”
  • Love creative ideas, mindful moments, kindness and respect, and consider these non-negotiable
  • Are ready to put out marketing messages that actually sound like you
  • Want to happily send your website to everyone you know

Book a discovery call

A 20-minute call for clarity and next steps. Let’s see if we can make magic together!

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