Digital marketing wing-woman for solopreneurs and small business owners.

Highly personalised support and a clear plan to make you feel excited + empowered about marketing your business.

You’re running an AH-mazing business and wearing all the hats. But marketing is doing your HEAD in.

You feel trapped in a digital whirlwind when it comes to marketing your business successfully.

A never-ending to-do list of marketing tasks, digital tools, strategies and gizmos compete for your attention. Tech and automation systems feel like another language. Choosing the right marketing strategy? It feels like playing a game of chance.

You wish that someone would step in and tell you EXACTLY what to do, to have someone in your corner when things get crazy. A wing-woman to keep you accountable. Or someone to hand over key marketing projects to (while exhaling yogi-style) so you can focus on what you LOVE to do.

It’s time to call in THE CLAIRIFIER… AKA me, Claire Chow, a digital marketer (a no BS, talk-you-off-the ledge pep talker!) to show you a clear path forward so you feel confident in marketing your business.

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What I do

How I sprinkle my magic to make your business shine…

Brand voice and message

Nail your unique brand voice and messaging so your brand connects deeply with your audience no matter where they find you.


Making your brand shine by amplifying it across the right digital channels and constantly connecting the marketing dots.


We’ll work together to choose the perfect digital marketing strategies for your small business. No more procrastinating or pull-your-hair-out moments!


We’ll transform all your brilliant ideas into actionable plans to get things moving again. A clear plan with accountability + essential sanity checks!

Work with me

Digital marketing packages for your small business. Practical and step-by-step guide to help you create the business you want.

The Lightbulb

*Best for

Claire with a client

A 90-minute clarity call to get the ideas flowing and your mojo back. Leave feeling inspired and capable about DIY marketing.

The Amplifier

*Best for
growing businesses*

Claire Chow writing at a desk

A done-for-you service with a 90-minute clarity call and custom deliverables to get you moving at full speed.

The Clairifier

*Best for
thriving businesses*

Burnout to brilliant book

Monthly sanity-checks with custom done-for-you marketing projects so you can get on with the more important things that light you up.

Engaging Claire from Connect4Social is the best business decision I’ve made for years. In a short space of time Claire has taken charge of our direct marketing, newsletters, brand messaging, social copy-writing and really – anything marketing related that we ask of her. She is passionate, engaged, skilful, dedicated, and always exceeds expectations. Claire is also amazing at making you feel like you’ve “got this” – her confidence boosting and little pep talks are an integral part of the service. A Lasting Tale is already seeing the benefits of engaging Claire in increased enquiries but most importantly – sales!

Dimity Brassil

Founder, A Lasting Tale

Hi! I’m Claire aka The Clairifier

I’m a digital marketer. A small business pep-talker. You might even end up calling me your wing-woman.

I’m Claire Chow, aka Connect4Social and I’m a Sydney-based digital marketing freelancer, twin-wrangler and wannabe yogi.

If you’re keen to work with someone who LOVES to bring efficiency, creativity, energy and clarity to all your digital marketing efforts – I’m your gal!

I’m always curious about how people tick. I love getting to know my clients and hopefully that means you! I’ll be your key collaborator, always keen to understand you, your business, branding and customers. Some clients even refer to me as “The Clairifier”. (And between us, I love that!).

PS: I’m an instinctual, people-focused marketer. I’m not too deep into metrics and I like it that way.

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AH-mazing clients

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Claire reading
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